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an American Dream

An American Cream team
at the Parade of Roses
The American Cream Draft Horse is the only remaining breed of draft horse that truly originated in America. Descended from an Iowa mare that had outstanding cream color, an entire breed of horses has descended that consistently resemble the foundation mare and her color.

Unfortunately the breed was established shortly before the age of mechanized farming. With little need for farm horses, the American Cream nearly became extinct. Through the efforts of American Cream enthusiasts, there are now approximately 250 American Creams worldwide.

The American Cream Draft Horse Foundation was established January, 1994 for the purposes of preserving, promoting and promulgating the American Cream Draft Horse. If you would like more information and pictures you can go to their website using the link listed above, or contact the foundation at Box B 3, 38175 Montezuma Valley Rd., Ranchita, CA 92066, or telephone them at 760-782-3704.
Award winning 3-up hitch at
Bishop Mule Days, 1999

All photos © American Cream Draft Horse Foundation

Also check out the
American Cream Draft Horse Association
Representing the breed since 1944

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