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Hansons' Wedding

Probably the most fun thing we ever did with the team was a wedding at our neighbors' place. Bringing the wedding party in on the wagon was a well kept secret... Not even the bride and groom knew that the limo they were in wasn't going to take them all the way "home"...

The bride's parents' property was landscaped for the occasion, complete with ponds and streams, a raised dance floor with a carousel roof made entirely of small white lights, which was all complimented by a gorgeous day and even more gorgeous sunset.

Ready for the wedding
The bride and groom arrive

A wonderful time was had by all. After the receiving line, guests got to take rides around the property. As sunset approached, the scene was lit by floating candles in the water, the twinkle lights of the dance floor canopy and the waining western sunset, accompanied by the melodic tones of a live band. Off in the distance Amtrak rolled by. The silhouettes of passengers could be seen looking out the train windos at the gala event.
"Making the rounds" at sunset

Unfortunately, the costs for public liability insurance made such adventures impractical on a "part time for fun" basis, so we ended up selling the wagon and using the horses for riding and occasional farm work.

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