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Welcome to the Old Fogies' Jukebox. In this section we have MIDI renditions of our original music and songs. The jukebox will take you through R&B, traditional rock, country and new age "odds and ends." The quality of these MIDI sounds depends primarily on your computer's MIDI sound card, but MIDI files are convenient as they are small and fast to download.

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Words and music by Willis Lamm (c) 2006, all rights reserved

I was born upon the wind. It was a chilly winter morn.
My new eyes looked around the frosty ground in that place where I was born.
My coat would glisten in the sun as I taught myself to run.
My mother held me dear and kept me near until a year was done.

Yes I was born upon the wind to live my life on hallowed ground.
I had such strength inside so I could abide on rugged desert ground.
We lived our lives upon this earth just like ten thousand years ago.
Back when the sun would find those of our kind all throughout the plains below.

 Then, our lives started to change as people filled our rangelands.
 Things would never be as before.  Our fate was now in their hands.
 Out in this great big land somewhere there has to be,
 a place where we can still be free.

Oh I was born upon the wind to wander ere the wind would blow.
The hills and plains were my domain through summer heat and snow.
I was an icon of the free as were the others of my kind.
And oer the land we'd roam, this was our home, our spirits unconfined.

 Time can be hard on us all and time, it had its way.
 The world moves on and so must we.  It's a price we all pay.
 Why in this great big land won't someone guarantee
 a place where we can still be free?

   What ... have they done?  With all their roads and their fences.
   A life so free, has become a tragedy.  A phantom living in our senses.

Yes we were born upon the wind near where the crystal waters flowed.
Out where the light would greet the grass so sweet as the morning sunrise glowed.
We lived our lives among the sage where we intended to live free.
But things began to change upon the range and we became a memory.

We are now just a memory that was born upon the wind.

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