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Welcome to the Old Fogies' Jukebox. In this section we have MIDI renditions of our original music and songs. The jukebox will take you through R&B, traditional rock, country and new age "odds and ends." The quality of these MIDI sounds depends primarily on your computer's MIDI sound card, but MIDI files are convenient as they are small and fast to download.

The jukebox will automatically change from one tune to the next. Please allow time in between songs to load the next song file.

Please note that all the music on this site is copyrighted. Feel free to download for your personal pleasure, but if you wish to use any of this material on your own site, we'll permit it if you make sure to include the copyright disclaimer, © The Old Fogies.

Thank you and enjoy ... The Old Fogies

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Words & Music by Willis Lamm © 2004 - - - It's Saturday Night I've got my dress on tight I'm feelin' all right but you're nowhere in sight You say we're goin' on a date but once again you're late. It's the thing I hate and I'm ready to fight You take me for granted and put me in a mood This little girl's goin' to get ... a new attitude. You want to show me around Take me out on the town But then you act like a clown ... and you put me down Your ego gets inflated and you're totally rude And this little girl's goin' to get ... a new attitude. I'm not just some kind of plaything To show off to all of your friends You think you're hot stuff, but this is enough Here's where the storybook ends You think the whole world turns around you, But honey let me give you some news. This little girl's goin' to get ... a new attitude. You want to go for a ride so I can save your pride But you've never tried to ever see my side. Well, so long my darling I'm done with servitude Cause this little girl's goin' to get ... a new attitude. Yeah this little girl's goin' to get ... a new attitude!