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Sweets is an Arabian owned by Hue Simpson. Sweets is one of the stable "regulars" who makes herself at home virtually anywhere in the barn.
Hue and Sweets just after a warmup in the round corral.
To use Hue's own words...

"Owning a horse has been an awesome experience for me, and I couldn't have a better horse than Sweets. Tell you about the four national champions in her lineage, and you know that takes a good mind. She's got all the 'go' of any Arabian, but she's of the Crabbett line so much calmer than most.

"She really likes to get along with minimum hassle. For instance, where she stands for tacking up is beside Tess the Terror (as I call her under my breath). When Sweets gets hassled, i.e., threatened with a lunging bite, she'll look at me out the side of her eye as if to say, 'I gotta put up with this?' Whereupon I'll have her step back out of range.

"One time when we were going trail riding using a new trailer, Sweets was using her fear of new things to avoid getting in. There were three of us coaxing and cajoling her, you know, don't want to make it a bad experience, etc. After a short time, Deborah says, "Shall I get agressive with her?" I gave the affirmative, and with a strong tap on the butt, Sweets stepped on in and enjoyed the hay.

"You might see us at KBR riding the perimeter, round and round we go. To most people, that may seem boring. To some extent it is, but compared to not riding, not spending time with her, it's not boring. And anyway, in our imaginations we're out on the trail at Contra Loma, or scouting new trails over the Willow Pass, just coming over the ridge to view the Pacific for the first time, taking that long medical emergency ride with Moss Hart on his first horse. In short, riding for me is an inspiring, relaxing, and creative time. If you see us go by, you can wave, but we may be so far away that we don't see you!

"I ride English pleasure right now and have done some showing where we've gotten 2nd and 3rd places. I'd like to do some more because I think the discipline is good for both of us, you know, braving the show scene and meeting certain riding standards.

"One of my goals: having my own trailer and hauling rig so we can really hit the trails."

Hue also teaches "Focused Learning" which embodies many of the principles of TTeam. She has been an assistant clinician as well as clinician for various wild horse activities including all the national LRTC/BLM Wild Horse Workshops.
Hue with Willis and "Nugget"
at a BLM Adoption in Vallejo, CA

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