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Danny Love

Danny is the area's premier rehab and corrective shoer. He has shod for UC Davis, worked on the Mexican Olympic Equestrian Team horses in Guadalajara, is an AFA Certified Journeyman and Farriery Conference Tester (evaluates candidates taking their certification tests), and possesses a detailed working knowledge of hoof design, function and rehabilitation.
Working on a bad abscess
We've been also lucky that Danny likes to help teach others. We trim our own horses at the ranch (with the number that we own, we have to in order to not go broke) and we usually trim the mustangs that we gentle. Danny's guidance has been invaluable
Danny giving Willis some pointers regarding a blown hoof wall
Danny generally shoes the big guys. We'll keep them barefoot when they're not being worked on pavement in which case we usually trim them. But Danny loves to work with them, especially when he can hand-forge shoes from bar stock.

You could occasionally see Danny with one of the big guys out at some public event, the bar stock ringing from his hammer blows.

Dan (the horse) at the Cornfest hot shoeing demonstration
While Danny likes to work on the drafters, Willis usually gets to work with the little guys. (Oh, my aching back!)

Danny is developing a rather comprehensive farriery page which is well worth visiting!

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