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Willis Lamm

Willis has been lucky to have had the ability to work with quite a number of mustangs. Some of these horses have come in with wonderful looking feet. Others, held in captivity for a while without the benefit of running miles to wear down their hooves or receiving proper hoof care ended up with some pretty distorted feet.
Typically overgrown feet
Even in the wild, horses can sustain injuries that result in some rather bizarre hoof growth. While such instances are rare, they can be debilitating and need human intervention in order to preserve the health and viability of the animal.
A mustang showing the result of an injury
Mustangs in particular are wary about having their feet confined for trimming, or any kind of feeling of entrapment. Getting these guys relaxed to where their feet can be handled takes patience, bonding and trust.
Teaching a horse to lift his feet
Even some of the worst feet can eventually be brought around to become healty and self sustaining.

Some links will be provided shortly to case studies that illustrate these points. In the meanwhile here is a link to some experiments conducted in 1998.

Experiments Investigating the Four Point Trim

Trimming Wild Horse Feet

Hooves returned to normal function
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