KBR Horse Humor:
Mothers' Day
By Deanna Aikin

What a day so far. I started out feeling down and sorry for myself so had to whine to Jerri (hope I didn't spoil your Mother's Day), then got into working on e-mail and spirits lifted. Decided to wait on riding till the ground dried out a little from yesterday's torrents. Didn't want to mow the backyard so turned the mowing machines loose in there - the five of them can knock it out just as quick as I can on the riding mower.

Okay, Ed is out with neighbor checking cattle but will be back shortly. Horses are mowing backyard. Dogs are asleep on their couch in the kitchen Cats and kittens are either playing or sleeping in the living room. Goslings are all out on the pond, I'm off to the other end of the house and some quality time with the wildhorse list....

Rumblings eminate from the kitchen trash can but no need to get up from the puter, yet...

"BB (dog) get out of the trash, please!" Silence.

Moments later more rumblings but still not going to get up and investigate...

"BB, Samantha - whoever is in the trash is going for time out if you don't knock it off!" Silence.

Oh crap, Ed's home, oh well he'll come get me when he's ready to put me to work. Concentrate on e-mail.

"Honey, didn't know you were teaching the horses to take the trash out."

"I'm not"

"Hey, when did you teach NikNik to do laundry?"

Nikia, Ginger and Paco
Nikia cooling off in the water hole with Paco
"Hey guys, I know you're in there!"

"I didn't. What in the H are you talking about? I'm trying to do my e-mail. Will you give me a little while, please? I'll come out and help you in a little bit, ok?!!"

"Uh, okay, but is Nicki supposed to be hanging up your silk blouse in the closet or the shower?"

"What in *H* are you talking about? The laundry is in the bedroom and Nikia is in the backyard with the others mowing!"

Warm breath on back of neck, two men guffawing in the background. Wave arm at Ed while still typing away staring at puter screen. Nibbling on back of my neck.

"Edddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!" Swing around in chair ready to kill!!!! Eyes open wide......

"Hey Gingy baby! What's momma's big girl doing in the house? Guess I forgot to lock the door."

But that wasn't the end.... got up to take Ginger outside and was greeted by the other four. Nicker was in the bathroom discovering shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper while my new silk blouse hung out of the toilet. Paco amused himself in the summer kitchen eating dog food. Sinbad and Charlie were in the main kitchen, Sindbad finding new places to put trash and Charlie checking out or should I say dragging out the contents of the refrigerator. I just sat down on the floor and laughed.

Dear God - I'm glad you have a sense of humor but could this be enough for today! And please, please, don't teach anymore horses how to open doors. Respectfully your servant. Amen.

Deanna (Back to the Funny Farm for Me) Aikin

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