KBR Horse Humor:
The Mule and the Farrier
By Stacey Lypp


I am a farrier, with an interesting anecdote to tell you. Horses, as far as I know, cannot kick from behind on the same side as a front foot that is held up, BUT a mule can!

In school our teacher told us a story that I found very hard to believe, until I saw it for myself. My teacher had a student working on the front legs of a mule outside the shop by himself. While he was working, he was getting hit on the head by some "rocks" thrown by some kids in the bushes across the street. This student asked for some help in locating these felons. Well none were found, but my teacher had a pretty good idea who was at fault, and of course being the jokester that he is, kept it to himself, and went back into the shop. He then gathered the rest of the students around the window to demonstrate just how flexible mules can really be, and how clever too. Well they all watched the mule kick the unfortunate student on the head with the same side hind foot, and had a good laugh at the student when he came back in requesting that my teacher come look for those darn kids again.

Just thought you all would like to know that mules can do it. You might want to add it to your kicking page, because as this is a true, and amusing story, it could be dangerous. In class I was kicked by a mule who actually hopped and kicked at the same time just to be sure to land a good punch, as I was out of kicking range, and listening to a lesson (in safety mind you). I got a sprained index finger out of the deal.

Stacey Lypp,
(farrier that would have to be starving to work on mules)

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