KBR Horse Humor:
That's My Horse!

Little Jamie Frascheri will tell you. Molly is his horse. From the time he could talk he would tell everyone, "That's my horse!"

From the day the Belgian Draft Horse mare came to live at his parents' spread, Jamie loved Molly. He had to know everything that was going on that involved her and he was always near when anyone was doing anything with Molly.

One day Marsha Schrader, the local vet, came to do annual checkups. "That's my horse!" he proudly proclaimed to Marsha. At the end of the checkups, Jamie's grandfather jokingly explained that if Molly really was his horse, he had to pay for the veterinary expenses whereupon Jamie reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin.

"Jamie, owning a horse is serious business and vets cost a lot more than that."

Jamie raced back to the house and into his bedroom and returned with a five dollar bill which the frugal 5 year old had kept hidden away. He proudly presented the money to Marsha.

Marsha looked quizzically at Jamie's grandfather who shrugged his shoulders and said, "Go ahead and take it. It looks like she's his horse."

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