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California Jackpot ("CJ")

Part 3
At the Vallejo Adoption

In spite of the terrible winter, Patty kept ground schooling CJ through the storms, which showed positive results the following spring.

CJ's first outing for 1998 was a trip to the Vallejo adoption in April, 1998. The wild horse mentors put on a demo workshop to practice good handling techniques and demonstrate their horses.

Patty took CJ calmly through the various obstacles while waving a plastic bag, which was tied to the end of a crop, all around him.

Note how fast the flag is moving as evidenced by the bend in the crop.

Still focused on the obstacles.

Going along as cool as a cucumber.

Oh yeah... and that's just a halter she's riding him in!

CJ offers a good example of how good ground schooling can produce results in the saddle.

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