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"Cheyenne" (A.K.A. "Tank")

Tank and Gene

Tank was an abused horse that came in as a rescue. He was put up for sale by a man who represented him as a Morgan horse and who abusively presented him in a mechanical hackamore and beat him when he misstepped or didn't respond. Gene and Deborah forked over $500 to get him away from his abuser and found out they had a real treasure

Tank really wanted to like people, but he was afraid. When he was halted, even when ridden in a light halter, he would instinctively rub his mouth against his legs because he had been hurt so much by the hackamore. Gene finally broke this habit by riding him bridleless in the round corral until he learned he could be ridden without being hurt.

Hanging out after a little "bridleless riding
with Willis and Teego

He is now owned by Ann and Ed Borden, and is doing wonderfully. He races across the pasture to greet Ann, and they regularly enjoy long trail rides in Briones Park.

Tank is extremely athletic. He can keep up with anyone on trail and in the ring, when doing "drop to a trot" from canter, he'll bend right down to a canter pirouette! Everyone who knows Tank is grateful to Deborah and Gene for rescuing him and we know Ann and Ed will ensure he stays well treated and well cared for!

Tank and Ed with
Ann and Champagne

Ed and Tank

Vital Statistics

Cheyenne (a.k.a. Tank)

Foaled: 1989 / Gelding
Herd: Modoc region (Calif)
Present Owner: Ann Borden
Present Location: California

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