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Overwhelming Congressional support shown for amendment

  Moratorium on horse slaughter passes
Story date: November 26, 2005
Please note: On February 8, 2006, the USDA published a rule that would thwart the horse slaughter ban passed by Congress. Please see USDA Makes End Run on Horse Slaughter Ban.

Washington, DC

Horse advocacy groups gave mixed reviews to the House - Senate Conference Committee over their "marking up" of the 2006 Agricultural Appropriations Bill.

Both houses of Congress overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the bill that would prohibit funding of federal USDA Inspectors for certifying horses for slaughter for human consumption or for export for the same purposes.

Although the language of both the House and Senate versions of the amendment was virtually identical, Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) threatened to "Throw it out" in the Conference Committee. The public response was overwhelming and while the Committee was able to chip away the first three months of the moratorium, the bulk of the ban remained in the bill.

Horse advocates pointed out that this moratorium was only temporary, that the Conference Committee clearly demonstrated how such legislation could be manipulated, even when passed by both Houses of Congress, and that permanent legislation was clearly warranted.

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