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  BLM Volunteers of the Year
LRTC Members Janet & Cliff Tipton
take top BLM volunteer honors for 2003

Story Date March 24, 2003

Tooele, UT.

Cliff and Janet Tipton are the consummate wild horse volunteers. From attending adoptions to emergency range work to mentoring new adopters to presenting wild horses and burros at the Salt Lake Olympic winter Games, these two do it all.

It was only fitting that the Bureau of Land Management recognized them as their top individual Wild Horse and Burro Program volunteers for 2003.

Cliff, Janet & Cliff's daughter Becky at Soldier Hollow
(2002 Winter Olympic Games)

Quoting from the official BLM news release:

"Cliff and Janet Tipton, volunteers for the Utah State Wild Horse Team, are entering their fifth year of voluntary service to BLM. Since becoming volunteers, they have not missed any wild horse and burro adoptions held in the state of Utah and have traveled from one end of the state to the other promoting the program. They have spent countless hours assisting at adoptions by working at information booths, inspecting trailers and monitoring traffic, talking to adopters, and participating in educational seminars. In addition, the Tiptons took part in the Olympic Horse and Burro Project. This project involved the selection, gentling, and training of nine horses and three burros from Nevada, California, and Utah to participate in the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. During the Olympics, Cliff and Janet conducted numerous interviews for local, national, and international media. As a result of Cliff and Janet's magnificent job, BLM was flooded with applicants eager to adopt these special animals. The Tiptons volunteered over 2,000 hours of service for the Olympics alone, with an estimated value of $30,000."

That's just their involvement in Utah.

Cliff and Janet are part of LRTC's national Wild Horse Workshop staff. Janet has worked her way up to the position of Workshop Director. She also serves as Secretary on LRTC's Board of Directors. Cliff is constantly active behind the scenes handling logistics, troubleshooting problems and he works with both horses and burros.

These guys are a great team of volunteers and have earned their honors.

For additional information please check out this on-line news article in the Tooele Transcript.

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