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Story date: December 5, 2001

Note: The BLM sites are coming back on-line. For wild horse and burro adoption information please Click Here. The following story explains what happened.

Many of you may have tried recently to access various Bureau of Land Management websites and discovered them to be "not found." This is as a result of some security issues relating to the Department of Interior computer system which could allow hackers to access Indian Nation Trust Fund data through DOI websites. (The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the BLM are both bureaus of the Department of Interior.)

Public access to all DOI sites is being prohibited until appropriate security measures have been taken and are certified. Unfortunately this order includes BLM, who had nothing to do with the problem that is being addressed.

If you visit the doi.gov website you will see this message:

Access to the DOI website has been restricted in compliance with a court order Select DOI webpages will be made available to the public through USGS, who has received court approval to reconnect to the Internet. All information posted on this version of DOI.GOV will be certified not to contain or provide access to individual Indian trust data.

Here is a link to BLM's publicly accessible memo.


Other BLM Links

As of this date BLM has not been able to give an estimate as to when public access to BLM websites will resume. We will post updates here on this web document as we receive them.

Here are some temporary Websites:

This is not a BLM operated or BLM sponsored site. It is run by private wild horse and burro enthusiasts.

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