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Story date: November 30, 1997

The barns and corrals at Burns were burned down on Sunday, November 30th. The scheduled upcoming adoption will be postponed, of course. The really sad part is that all the BLM people lost all their tack and gear that was stored in the barn. No horses were lost, but they must all feel like they are under seige.

Unfortunately many of the mares are in foal. Being run together with the stallions under such pressing circumstances and excitement, it is likely that some of the stallions may have tried to breed the mares and a few abortions are expected.

Earlier in the year, the Redmond's Cavel West horse-rendering plant, a popular target of animal rights activists, suffered a million dollar fire. The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the Cavel West fire in their website (click the link to read their claim). Authorities are investigating the Burns fire to see if there are any links between the two and if the Animal Liveration Front was in fact responsible for the earlier fire.


The Register-Guard of Eugene Oregon reported the following:

    BURNS --The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility Friday for a suspicious fire that destroyed horse pens and chutes last month at an Eastern Oregon corral holding wild horses and burros.

    The Portland-based Liberation Collective said it received a communique from the Animal Liberaton Front and the Earth Liberation Front taking responsibility.

    The U.S. Bureau of Land Management was holding 500 wild horses and 40 burros at the corrals. The agency said it recaptured most of the dozen horses that escaped, and that none of the animals were injured in the Nov. 29 fire.

    The ALF previously claimed responsibility for setting fire to a slaughterhouse in Redmond last July, and for releasing thousands of mink from a fur farm in Mount Angel last June.

(End of quote)

Folks, at the risk of editorializing, this animal rights stuff is getting out of hand. Gross exaggerations on the part of some misinformed but well intentioned citizens and groups are prompting some of the more fringe activists to engage in activities which are harming the animals we're all trying to protect. Wild horses have to be managed or most of the animals will starve and other species will be harmed as their unchecked populations destroy the fragile ecosystems where they live. Perhaps the BLM isn't perfect, but it's the best we have and destroying the facilities is not going to address some of the procedural and enforcement issues which concern most of is. It's simply going to negatively impact horse care as well as the overall safety and well being of the horses under BLM management.

Let's stay concerned, but let's remember the big picture here!

Help our wild horses by reporting illegal activity. Contact your local BLM office or call the BLM Law Enforcement Hotline at (800) 722-3998

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