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Help Save Horses During Drought

Cedar Mountain, Utah
July 4, 2002

Thirsty horses getting a drink
Years of drought, a rolled over tanker truck and the extended Fourth of July weekend could have dealt a fatal blow to the wild horses of Cedar Mountain. When BLM's water contractor had an accident that took the water tanker out of commission the horses were in a serious predicament. All the springs had dried up and their very survival depended on water that was regularly trucked in.

Another tanker truck would not be available before the following Monday at the earliest, so BLM contacted LRTC volunteers Cliff and Janet Tipton for help. A plan was hastily organized where the volunteers agreed to make numerous trips into the rugged Cedar Mountain wild horse range with a one ton pickup and small trailer tank in order to preserve the herd.

On their first trip Janet Tipton reported, "We saw two to three hundred horses, all patiently waiting for us to fill their tank so they could have a drink. We went over to check another tank and Cliff noticed a yearling struggling inside. It had laid down inside and gotten wedged in the cross supports. Cliff quietly worked his way up and was able to move the colt's head back under the cross bar and free him. He was cut up a little but ran away easily once up. Thank goodness we decided to look at the other tank before leaving otherwise it might not have been such a happy ending."

On each trip they have seen different horses, with the exception of one old battle scared stud affectionately nicknamed "Grandpa" and a band of three roan bachelors who were regulars near the emergency water troughs.

Horses watching from a bluff
Filling a trough
Horses heading down to the troughs
A stallion keeping watch while his mares get a drink
Old "Grandpa" patiently waiting his turn at the trough
The following Tuesday night Cliff and Janet headed down to the central part of the state to provide assistance in a BLM wild horse gather in the Range Creek HMA.

More photos of Cedar Mountain Wild Horses

2002 Cedar Mountain Emergency Horse Gather

Close-up of the Cedar Mountain HMA

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