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2002 Cedar Mountain
Wild Horse Gather

Cedar Mountain, Utah
October 4, 2002

A nice pinto baby
Due to the drought this season which caused area springs to dry up, an emergency gather the Cedar Mountain HMA was scheduled for the week of October 1. (Please see companion feature, Wild Horse Mentors Help Save Horses from Drought.) Due to very rainy weather they did not actually begin gathering horses until October 3.

This was a contract gather conducted by the Cattoors. LRTC Secretary Janet Tipton was able to view the gather on Friday, October 4th. Cattoors gathered approximately 97 horses. A total of approximately 350 horses were due to be pulled from this HMA. Prior to the gather there were an estimated population of 600 horses on the range.

Moving horses into the trap
Herding in a lone horse
Sorting horses
Loading into the trailer
The horses at the Butterfield Corrals
There is a lot of size and color in this herd. 75% of the pinto horses that were gathered are scheduled to be re-released back out onto the range.

A group of the Utah mentors, Nancy Gray, Jackie Glanville, Lani Wiss, Sharron Evans and Janet Tipton visited the Butterfield Corrals on October 11 to view the horses that were gathered. What a gorgeous group of horses! They also found out that one of the horses that were gathered from the Cedar Mountain herd was a hermaphrodite horse, but what a gorgeous horse he was.

The group had a wonderful time and Art Degrazia made them feel very welcome. He gave the group about a 2 hour tour of the facility making sure to show them all the horses and answer the many questions that were coming from the group.

Typical color
Mares available for adoption
More adoptable mares
More adoptable mares

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Close-up of the Cedar Mountain HMA

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