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Horsemen and feed store ride to the rescue

  Horsemen and Feed Store
Help Extreme Makeover Show

Stagecoach, Nevada is in the high desert. It often gets less than three inches of rainfall (or its equivalent in snow) in a year. When the reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition decided to rebuild a house in Stagecoach they didn't expect to come in right after the largest storm to hit the region in five years, complete with snow, rain and something virtually unheard of in the area, drizzling fog! This Extreme Makeover was becoming a muddy makeover.

The white fuzzy orbs are actually the flash reflecting off microscopic particles of mist.
On Sunday January 13th, four members of Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC,) a volunteer wild horse and education organization, decided to escape the fog and grab some lunch at Wang's Chinese Restaurant in Dayton. During lunch they received a phone call from County Administrator Dennis Stark conveying a desperate need for straw at the job site in order to deal with all the mud. A phone call to the show's Location Manager Eric Osborne confirmed that they needed about 20 bales of straw.

S & W Feeds in Carson City was the first resource that came to mind. They could always be counted on in a crisis. Once owner Stan Kolbus understood the situation he donated 20 bales of straw to the effort. (Some S&W employees were even scheduled to volunteer at the site.)

LRTC Volunteers Lee and Kathy Graves and Sharon and Willis Lamm got a flat bed trailer and headed to Carson City.

Completely replacing a home in seven days involves quite a complex operation. Aside from the actual construction site where an incredible number of very large machines are operating together in a very small space, there is a veritable tent city that provides logistics, support services, engineering, and even specialties such as an on-site cabinet shop. Busses run regularly to bring in spectators and volunteers. With all the moisture and foot traffic, the bus stops and paths between the tents looked more like a swamp than the high desert. The volunteers from the LRTC "Can Do Crew" spent the evening responding to requests for "mud control."

A boggy mess.
Working on the bus stop.
"More straw, please!"
Covering the paths around the tents.
Young on-site helpers.
A final check of the work.
Our final assignment of the evening was to report to the catering tent where some darn good food was being provided to the volunteers by the Men Wielding Fire catering service. The food selections even included fresh asparagus and a kind of pesto pasta.
A pretty cozy setup.
Well received meals.

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