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Story date: September, 1998

Mr. Lamm:

I want to thank you for your e-mail letter to the Secretary, on which you
copied me.  You make a compelling argument for the need for the 
Bureau to work in effective partnership with the many people and
groups that support the wild horse and burro program and our efforts to
make sure that we take care of the wild herds, their habitat on the
rangelands, and the animals that we have to remove from the range.

I would like to follow up on your suggestion that the Bureau and the
groups devoted to caring for the wild horses and burros could work
together more effectively toward our shared goals.  I am confident you
are correct.  What I need at this point is to discuss with some
specificity the particular joint efforts that would be most effective in
effecting a balanced approach to the business of dealing with older,
"unadoptable" horses through the formation of public-private
partnerships.  I hope you will share your best ideas with us.  We are
committed to working jointly with the concerned members of the public;
we realize that meeting the needs of the horses and burros will require a
shared effort spanning the public-private division.

I'll look forward to hearing back from you and having a chance to
consider together the next steps that would be most effective in
improving the care afforded these animals and restoring public
confidence in the Bureau's administration of the WH&B Program.

Thanks again for opening the dialogue.  Let's work together towards
some positive solutions.


Maitland Sharpe

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