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and Two other BLM Mustangs

Story date: January, 1999

  Story update: February 13, 1999
Make That FIVE Other Mustangs!

"Riley" in the BLM Adoption Pen

The United States Army has recently accepted "Riley," a big beautiful black 2 year old "wild horse" from the BLM /Wild Horse Mentors' Wild Horse Workshop '98, in Antioch, CA.

The mentors bid on Riley at a public bid adoption on October 3rd and presented the horse to 1SG Mark Atwood, Director of the Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard. Riley will be used for parades, funerals and historic reinactments.

1SG Atwood started gentling Riley at the workshop after the Saturday morning adoption and was riding him by the following Monday before the Army transport could arrive to pick them up. By December, 1SG Atwood and Riley were taking basic and intermediate jumps in the Ft. Riley training course. 1SG Atwood comments, "Riley takes the jumps correctly and with precision. He doesn't get excited and overdo it when he takes off."

It was our hope that the 16hh 2 year old was to be just the first of many wild horse acquisitions by the United States Army. Apparently we were correct. Here are 1SG Atwood's latest comments:

"Recently the unit has adopted two more mustangs, Trooper and Chief III, both eight year old bay geldings.

"First off let me start by saying how extremely pleased we are to have these fine horses. With the docile temperament and physical stature they possess, they will be perfectly suited for the work they will be doing. The Mustangs bring back a part of history and tradition here at Fort Riley that has long been forgotten. We are attempting to restore this with the help of organizations and programs like the BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program.

"The training is going exceptionally well thanks to the fine soldiers that are in this unit. So far, and with only 2 months' work, Riley is almost ready for his first mission. We are currently training Trooper and Chief III and anticipate they will be ready for performances starting with the next show season. We are all amazed at how intelligent the Mustangs have proven to be.

1SG Atwood at the Workshop

Riley's first day on the jump course

"Overall everyone is very happy to have the opportunity to work with such magnificent animals. We are projecting that within the near future, we will be able to adopt more mustangs into our program. We would like to thank everyone for the tireless efforts that you dedicate to the preservation of the American Wild Mustangs. Without you we would not be able to do what we do."

1SG Mark Atwood

Trooper working in the
round corral

Chief-III settling in
Sgt. Atwood and Riley
Cher Eastep reported on February 13th:

Mark called today, and they were on their way back from Elm Creek, NE where they made arrangements to acquire 3 stallions which will be gelded upon arrival at Ft Riley.

One is 4yrs old, the other 2 are 8 yrs old. They can be picked up in 10 days.

More accounts and photographs of these mustangs' progress appear in the links below.

If anyone would like make arrangements to see the color guard program, you can contact 1SG Atwood at (785) 239-0635 or visit him at Bldg. 275, Fort Riley, Kansas.


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