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Story date: May, 2002

Country singers organize benefit for wild horse sanctuary

Lacy J. Dalton

Mary McCaslin

Ginny Mitchell

What do these three names have in common? Aside from their wonderful musical ability and years of experience performing country and folk music, they are collaborating on an ambitious project to protect Nevada's wild horses. One of the highlights of this collaboration is a two hour concert that will be held at Santa Cruz (CA) High School on Saturday, June 15, 2002.

The human population in Nevada is growing at a record rate. Urban sprawl and land speculation are intruding into the mountains where the wild horses have traditionally roamed. While many of the traditional residents in wild horse country are respectful of the horses' needs, the impact of expanding suburban development is having a negative impact on the health and well being of these magnificent creatures. Solutions must be found.

A number of well organized and effective groups are working on this problem. Adopting excess or "problem" horses to qualified individuals is one option. The adoption process is limited in scope as there is a finite number of individuals who are prepared to accept and gentle a wild horse.

Working to shape rational public policy regarding wild horses is another effort. Unfortunately this approach is also limited as there are a number of powerful interests that have other agendas.

Lacy J. and her husband Aaron Anderson formed the Let 'em Run Foundation. One of the foundation's primary goals is to acquire range land that can be held as a preserve for the wild horses.

The Girls from Santa Cruz concert is not only great entertainment, but it is a fundraising and promotional tool for Let 'em Run's wild horse project. The concert will be videotaped for PBS and everyone hopes that it will be just the beginning of a series of productions.

Webmaster's comment:

For anyone who hasn't seen one of these ladies' concerts, this is powerful and entertaining stuff! The three of them together will undoubtedly produce an evening to remember!

Mare and foal on the Virginia Range

Virginia Range Seasons
A "rescued" Comstock mare
and her newborn foal

LRTC Lucky Horse Project

For more information including ticket prices please log onto www.girlsfromsantacruz.com.

Alternative Ticket Sources

The main ticket office uses PayPal for payments. If you don't have PayPal you can purchase tickets at Snazzy American Music or call Snazzy at 831.426.8226 and leave a message for Pat.

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