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Bill now moves to the Senate

  H.R. 503 Passes the House of Representatives
Story date: September, 2006
Washington, D.C.
H.R. 503, the landmark legislation to prevent the slaughter of horses for use as table meat in Europe and Asia passed the House of Representatives on a vote of 263 to 146. Last minute attempts to weaken the bill through amendments were staved off by measure proponents.

H.R. 503 would make it illegal to posess, transport (including export) or sell horses for the purpose of commercial slaughter for human consumption. It would not impact rendering or using horses for exotic animal feeds (food for zoo animals.)

The bill now moves to the Senate where it is known as S.1915, and where there are serious opponents of the bill. When asked by a reporter, Montana Senator Conrad Burns declared he would "Throw it out." It is unclear when the Senate will take up the bill.

Additional information can be obtained from the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates' web site at www.aowha.org.

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