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Story date: June, 1999

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Citing lack of evidence, all but one charge have been dropped against two Marines accused of shooting 34 wild horses in Storey County, Nevada. Anthony Merlino, 21, Darien Brock, 21, and Scott Brendle, 22, were arrested and accused of killing the horses last year in the hills east of Reno. They have admitted guilt in shooting of only one horse and the men claim to have arrived on the scene after the other horses were dead. Authorities have no evidence linking the shells and casings found on the scene to any guns that the defendants possessed at the time of their arrest.

The horses were found in a canyon close to Interstate 80 and included a mare and newborn foal. Some of the horses were wounded but not dead and had been suffering for days before they were all found and humanely destroyed.

The one charge that still remains is for maiming or killing another person's animal. Prosecutor Sharon Claassen is considering an appeal.

If you wish to express your position, you can email Deputy Attorney General Rhonda Moore at moore@govmail.state.nv.us. Since the State Attorney General's Office is obviously serious about this case, I think a simple expression of your position on this subject will be sufficient.

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