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Nevada Dept. of Agriculture
Attempting to Place Crescent Valley
"Trespass" Horses

Elko, NV
January 5, 2003

Several hundred (possibly somewhere around 1,000) estray horses are illegally "trespassing" in Crescent Valley near Elko, NV. It appears that virtually all, if not all of these horses have been determined to not be protected BLM horses. BLM is removing the horses but it will be up to the Nevada Dept. of Agriculture to "dispose" of them.

NDA is working hard to distribute these animals through bona fide horse organizations so that they will be properly kept or adopted. (The state is virtually broke so it doesn't have funds to run an adoption program nor board the horses at a BLM facility.)

The catch here is that due to state finances, any horses that don't get picked up by adoption groups will in all probability have to be turned over to a livestock dealer. About the only buyers for wild horses right now are the meat packers and renderers. It will be up to the wild horse groups to produce a happy ending here.

Here is how NDA intends to handle the placement of these animals:

  • Non-profit groups who can document their IRS 501(c)3 status will be eligible to participate.

    • In the past the state has let legitimate groups without 501(c)3 status participate so long as they have a letter from an associated 501(c)3 group that will "umbrella" the non-profit status of their project.

  • The state will turn horses over to these groups for $50.00 per head. This charge covers such things as processing, brand certificates, blood work (Coggins test) and interstate shipping papers.

  • The groups will have to enter into agreements with the state to receive the animals.

  • Participating groups who use horses in their non-profit programs (e.g., handicapped riding programs, sanctuaries, etc.) can keep the horses for any reasonable and humane purposes.

  • The participating groups may adopt the animals to private parties and can charge adopters whatever adoption fees the groups feel are appropriate to cover their expenses, however the groups will still be responsible for overseeing the horses for a year (know where they are, ensure compliance regarding proper care and maintenance, etc.) in a manner similar to BLM adoption requirements.

  • Participating groups must be prepared to pick up their horses within 10 days of notification that the horses are ready or risk them going to the livestock buyer and forfeiting their deposits unless prior arrangements are made with private parties or other groups to hold the animals for them.

  • State officials have demonstrated a concerted effort to work with any and all serious and qualifying adoption groups in order to minimize the risk of horses being turned over to a livestock dealer.

If the number of horses that groups can take falls short of the number being brought in, the state will try to place the youngest horses first.

Please note:

While this adoption effort may be similar in process, it is distinctly separate from the Comstock / Virginia Range adoption project. Those horses are separate inventory and are subject to the Virginia Range Adoption Procedures.


BLM Press Release about the Horses


Groups interested in participating need to read the official solicitation letter.

Nevada Dept. of Agriculture Solicitation Letter

Then you need to download both forms, sign the Cooperative Agreement, submit your horse requests on the Horse Specification Form, and mail or fax those materials to 775.738.2639 along with a copy of your IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter to the state. You will still need to mail your original documents and required deposit funds to the state.

Nevada Dept. of Agriculture Cooperative Agreement (for Adoption Groups)

Nevada Dept. of Agriculture Horse Specification Form

Paperwork should be received by the State by January 17th, 2003.

If your group needs assistance or an extension to this deadline, please contact James Connelley at 775.738.8076.

If you are an individual wishing to take horses, please contact one of the state approved groups. You can get adoption group information from Shirley Allen by emailing shirley@whmentors.org or telephoning 775.246.7636.

Crescent Valley horse information is also available from Habitat for Horses

The Western Shoshone Nation Responds to the Crisis

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