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Range Creek, Utah HMA

July 10, 2002

Drought and overpopulation created a significant need to remove about 220 head of horses from the Range Creek HMA in eastern Utah. BLM staff were already stretched pretty thin so BLM invited wild horse mentors Janet and Cliff Tipton to assist in order to help ensure a safe and orderly gather.

Just back from an emergency water detail at Cedar Mountain, the Tiptons were originally only scheduled to be present for one day. After a few injuries to BLM wranglers the crew found themselves a little short handed so Janet was invited to stay on and assist for the duration of the gather.

A band moving toward the trap
Full on into the trap
Trying to cut back the other way
A pair coming into the trap
A freezemarked mare that was found in the herd. BLM will check to see if an adopter let her loose.
A young stud waiting to be released
BLM gathered using a helicopter. This range wasn't conducive to doing it any other way.

197 horses were successfully gathered of which about 10 will probably be released due to their color and confirmation. (The horses on this HMA are predominantly black so any difference in color is often left on the range to improve diversity.)

70 horses were gathered on day one. 3 horses were gathered on day two due to an accident involving BLM wranglers. 66 horses were gathered on the third day, 8 on the fourth and the remainder on the fifth.

A mare and colt waiting to be released
Horses waiting to be loaded
A filly waiting to be released
Studs waiting to be loaded

Emergency Water for Cedar Mountain

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