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"Floor effort" designed to stop the slaughter

  Congressmen Nick Rahall and Ed Whitfield
Present Amendment to Stop
Wild Horse Slaughter

Story date: May 13, 2005
Washington, D.C
On May 19, 2005, Congressman Nick Rahall and Ed Whitfield introduced an amendment to the Interior Appropriations Bill. The amendment simply prohibited the use of appropriated funds for sale and slaughter of Federally protected wild horses and burros.

The recent discovery of wild horses being shipped to slaughterhouses motivated these Congressmen to attach such an amendment once the appropriations bill was scheduled to be heard by the full House of Representatives.

Wild horse advocates are encouraged citizens to contact their representatives by telephone and email and urge them to support the Rahall / Whitfield amendment.

On the eve before the amendment was heard, BLM Director Kathleen Clarke announced new more restrictive regulations for the sale of wild horses and burros. Although legal analysts observed that such regulations were unenforceable as, in their opinions, the regulations were contradicted by Federal law. Nonetheless Congressman Richard Pombo (R-CA) simultaneously distributed what wild horse advocates described as a "hit piece" to other Congressional Representatives declaring the slaughter issue moot and urging a no vote on the amendment. Congressmen Jim Gobbons (R-NV) and John Porter (R-NV) argued against the amendment on the floor on the same grounds.

Nonetheless the amendment passed by 90 votes with bipartisan support.

In a subsequent press interview Senator Conrad Burns, (R-MT) threatened that when the measure reached the Senate, he would "throw it out."

A more in depth analysis of the amendment, the official voting record and a link to an official transcript can be viewed at the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates' web site by Clicking Here.

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For additional information on the wild horse and burro sale and slaughter issue, please visit www.aowha.org.

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