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Story date: May, 2000

The image to the right is of "Max," a 6 Y.O. Gelding adopted last year by Joyce North of California. For a case study on Max, click here.
This satellite (TV) adoption will take place on May 23, 2000. For additional information please use the toll free numbers listed below or email Shayne Banks at

In another wild horse and burro satellite TV adoption, qualified adopters will be given the chance to adopt 40 mares, 40 yearlings, 20 geldings, 20 studs, 10 burros from the Nevada wildfires along with 8 saddle trained horses fromt he RIverton, WY honor farm.. View all 180 horses scheduled for this adoption by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the Internet.

To bid, an individual must be pre-qualified and assigned a bid number by the BLM. A toll free number has been set up for those who wish to participate or need more information: 1-800-633-6094. Bidders may be from any state, but must be pre-approved. Bidding will start at $125.00 per horse or burro.

You may already have a satellite capable of receiving the broadcast. The auction can be found on C band satellite, Galaxy 3, Transponder 18. To inquire about local locations where you can view the broadcast and bid, call Superior Livestock Auction's toll free number, 1-800-422-2117. On the day of the adoption, the animals can be previewed via satellite TV starting at 8 a.m., Pacific time. Bidding will begin at 10 a.m., Pacific time. During the satellite broadcast, pre-qualified bidders will have about 90 seconds to bid on the animal(s) of their choice. Bids are called into (817) 740-9025. Horses can also be previewed prior to the adoption at BLM's internet preview site. (A link is provided below.)

If you do not have access to a satellite you can still bid on the horses and burros. You can view the animals either over the internet or in the catalog and call Superior Livestock Auction's number during the event and bid on specific animals.

Adopters are required to provide adequate shelter and 20 X 20 feet of corral space with sturdy fencing 6 feet high. In order to transport the animal(s), adopters must have a solid constructed horse trailer, preferably a stock trailer along with halters and lead ropes.

Five pick-up sites have been tentatively identified for successful adopters. (Check with BLM to verify the final pick up sites before you bid.)

  • Cross Plains, TN

  • Elm Creek, NB

  • Milwaukee, WI

  • Palomino Valley near Sparks, NV

  • Pauls Valley, OK.

  • Piney Woods, MS

  • Ridgecrest, CA

  • Washington, PA

The BLM will transport the animals to the site closest to the adopter for pickup within a few weeks of the satellite adoption.

The non-refundable adoption fee helps recover some of the government's expense fortransportation and veterinary care of the animals. Before shipping, every animal rounded up by BLM is thoroughly checked by a veterinarian, Coggins tested and vaccinated for various equine disorders.

A Riverton inmate and his "pupil"
Another photo of Max with
Sharon Lamm during his
first week of training

The Adopt-A-Horse Program began in 1973 in order to control the increasing populations of horse herds on Federal lands. Prior to the late 1950's, wild horses were preyed upon by "mustangers," people who cruelly rounded up the horses and sold them for slaughter. This activity, however, was outlawed in 1971 when Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. This law protects wild horses from extinction and preserves them as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West." Under Federal protection, the wild horse herds increased rapidly since they have no natural predators.

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