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Story date: September, 2000

Return to Freedom sent the following correspondence which will be of interest to anyone following and/or wishing to help with the Sheldon wild horse issue. They are striving to keep each herd band intact whenever possible, which will take some significant "outside" help to accomplish.

Return to Freedom is looking for:

  1. Individuals with land who would be willing, or rather honored, to allow a herd to live out their natural lives on their property. These individuals must have the horses best interest at heart and provide care & custody without exploitation or seperation. These would be "sanctuaried" horses. The family herd groups are between 4-15 horses including the band's stud.

  2. Sanctuaries who would be willing to do the same (as above).

  3. "Foster parents". Since adoptions do not always provide a lifetime of security for the animal, Return to Freedom has developed a "foster home program". This secures that the horse will not enter a buy/ sell market and will be returned to the sanctuary should the Foster Parent have a change of heart or circumstances. The animal may remain with them for the rest of their life as long as they are able to provide proper and compassionate care. This is available for qualified individuals with appropriate environments. People who are interested in giving a permanent home to horses that have been split off from herds (mostly bachelors).

  4. Sponsors. For $40 -$50 a month, a sponsor may name the horse and receive a photo. Sponsorships enable Return to Freedom to rerelease wild horses on our own sanctuary, but also to afford long term leased lands for natural herd groups.

  5. Land donations for Wild Horse Land Trusts.

    Return to Freedom is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations go directly to the care & management of the horses.

    Neda DeMayo

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