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Volunteer group helps maintain public & wild horse safety

  WHPL Organizes "Strieter Cleanup Day"
Story date: November, 2003

When the Nevada Dept. of Transportation (NDOT) agreed to install Strieter-Lite reflectors along a section of US-50 to prevent wild horse and wildlife accidents, the Wild Horse Preservation League agreed to help maintain them. The reflectors were installed along a three mile section of highway in the "Mark Twain" area as a safety experiment. (Please see link below for details.)

The WHPL also agreed to be responsible for collecting litter along the same stretch of highway.

This partnership serves as a good example of how private organizations and the state can provide maintenance of safety devices and help maintain trash free roadways at virtually no cost to state taxpayers.

Cleaning the reflectors
Roadside trash pickup


How the Reflectors Got Approved

NDOT Installs the Reflectors

Link to Strieter-Lite Web Site

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