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Part Three

Gentling a wild horse (continued)

On Thursday afternoon (day three) we took Rusty back out to the horse course. This time we challenged him with some of the obstacles. The secret was not to pressure him but rather let him figure out the obstacles and move through them comfortably. Here are a few photos of what went on.

Torsten leading Rusty over pipe cavaletti.
Standing on the small wooden bridge.
Checking out the log pile.
Walking through the log pile.
Rusty's hooves had grown quite long while standing in the soft sand at the Lucky Horse Corrals, so we spent the rest of the time getting him used to being trimmed. We started by taking the front hooves down by about 1/2 inch.
Trimming a front hoof.

Unusual Accommodations.

While in Nevada Willy and Torsten stayed in the Retzer's guest house where not only were they closer to their "work," but on most days they were greeted by the local wild horses.

Visitors grazing on the main house lawn.
Betty and "Tahoe," a project horse.

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Note: These photos may make gentling a wild horse look easy. Each success followed careful
work in which the horse was continuously evaluated and his willingness to comply was developed.

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