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Crooks and Liars

  New Nevada Agriculture Director
Takes Aim at Wild Horses

April 11, 2008

Reno, NV
Nevadans are beginning to get a taste of how business is conducted in Washington, D.C., where politicians and bureaucrats manufacture the truth in order to implement policies not favored by their constituents. Such appears to be the case with former Congressman and current Governor Jim Gibbons' most recent appointment to lead the state's Department of Agriculture, a former sagebrush rebel named Tony Lesperance.

Lesperance appears to be taking the counsel of Don Alt, a local cowboy outlaw and liar who has on various occasions claims to own much of the eastern Virginia Range, regardless as to the fact that his claimed properties include public lands and sections owned by other individuals and entities.

The following news article appeared in the region's newspapers. Locals were astounded by both the number and depth of false statements that the article contained. Here is a reprint of an article that appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal on April 11. These purported facts will be addressed point by point further on in this article.

Nevada Appeal headline - Apr. 12

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