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National Wild Horse Program
comes to Nevada

  Wild Horse Workshop '06
is Slated for Nevada

Story date: October, 2006
Stagecoach, NV
The 2006 national Wild Horse Workshop will be held in Nevada, home to most of America's wild horses. The hands-on training program will be conducted October 18th through the 22nd with a wild horse adoption being held on Saturday, October 21st.

The Wild Horse Workshop is a joint venture of Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC), a non profit educational organization, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) The program's objectives include preparing potential adopters to successfully adopt, gentle and train wild horses and burros, and developing a corps of competent peer group mentors that can assist first time wild horse and burro adopters.

There is a modest fee for hands-on participation. Spectating is free and visitors are welcome. Wild horse adopters must meet standard BLM minimum requirements for corrals and shelters.

Persons wishing additional information can visit the Wild Horse Workshop web site at www.wildhorseworkshop.org.

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