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Inyo National Forest, CA

  Wild Ride a Snortin' Success
Story date: May, 2005

The American Horse Defense Fund's annual "Wild Ride" into wild horse country was so successful this year that a second ride is planned.

The "Wild Ride" is a guided tour that explores an area recognized as being perhaps the only range that contains wild horses that isn't significantly impacted by man and in which the horses range "unmanaged."

The group explores the outback high country with its variety of wildlife and plant populations and can experience what our ranges would be like if we weren't there to mess them up!

Meals, camping and horses are provided for this excursion.

Those of us who live in wild horse country know what this kind of trip is like. For those of you unfortunate enough to not live in wild horse country, these kinds of activities can provide an experience of a lifetime.

Getting an early start
Meeting one of the wild horse bands
AHDF is considering holding a second ride July 1 through 4, 2005. If you want more information or to "sign up," please see the details on the American Horse Defense Fund's Web Site.

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