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Part One

"Spike" the stallion giving rides

Photo courtesy Denise Bell-Evans
A BIG western horse!
"Bonnie and Clyde" pulling a hearse

Photo courtesy Janet Tipton
"AJ" at 30 and still going strong!

Photo courtesy Janet Tipton
"Dan,"Molly" and Willis
"Molly" after the saddle horse show
Shirley Jones arriving in style
(Salt Lake City)

Photo courtesy Janet Tipton
Willis and "Jesse"
(Willis is 5ft. 10in.)
He's a tall one
A 3-up hitch of American Creams, the
Top prize winners at 1999 Bishop Mule Days

(Creams are the rarest of American draft horses)

Photo courtesy American Cream Draft Horse Fdn.

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Show your patriotic colors!
The gentle giant says it all.

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