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Gallery, and Scrap Book
Individual Pictures (by name)

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Annie & Missy
April on the Mountain
Aerial View - Ranch
Banana Eating Tess
Bee & Gremlin
Black Knight and Dan
BLM Workshop (newspaper clipping)
Brentwood Holiday Parade
Bridleless Riding
Canned Food Drive (newspaper clipping)
Cathy & Prints
CJ (Mustang Gallery)
CJ & Scooter
CJ Nap
Dan at Hotshoe Demo
Dan & Molly (heads @ wedding)
Dan & Molly (Poe Lane)
Dan & Molly (road run)
Dan on a Cart
Danny & Dan (@ hay barn)
Danny & Dan (roping)
Danny & Willis (farriery)
Eleven and Change (rescue)
Floating Teeth - Dr. Schrader
Gene & Tank
Gretchen & Zodiac (on bridge)
Hanson's Wedding
High Water! (1997 flood)
Hitch Wagon (Poe Lane)
Holly & Chancellor
Hue & Sweets
Knightsen Sign
L'il Joe
L'il Peep
Lady Sharon and Havilynn
Lisa & Mikey
Looking for Trouble
Dan on a Cart
Maggie and Molly (Brentwood parade)
Marsh Creek Trestle
Mary & Prints
Mary & Tess
Molly (@ horse show)
Mt. Diablo Sunset
Mt. Diablo View (from ranch)
Mule team - Christmas
Nina & Prints
Orinda Horse Rescue
Patty & Macho
Prints in The Music Man
Prints (munching)
Ron Moritz "The Ponderer"
Roping with Dan
Sharon and Corey (flag work)
Sharon & Havilynn - Briones Park
Sharon & L'il Joe (driving)
Sharon & Monte
Tess (eating a banana)
Tire Feeders
Wake up Mikey!
Where's the Airbag?
Willis & Dan (ground driving)
Willis & Millie (arena)
Willis & Millie (round corral)
Willis & Happy - Nap
Willis & Molly (Horse Show)
Willis & Princess - Briones Park
Willis & Prints (dressed up)
Willis & Sundance
Willis & Teego

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