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  Darley Simplex D-131
Fixed 4-way Beacon

Darley beacons were a mainstay for small towns and rural areas. They were simple, inexpensive and durable. A number of them are still in service today although many of the ones still in service have been modified to have separate illumination for each indication.

Darley beacons came in three models.

  • An all amber (yellow) beacon was a D-130.
  • A combination amber / red beacon was a D-131.
  • An all red beacon was a D-132.

The original beacon design included a Reynolds Time-O-Matic flash controller and lamp socket on the beacon floor. The lamp, usually 150 watts, illuminated all four indications. Reflectors attached to the lenses amplified the light and reduced phantom illumination.


This beacon was in very restorable condition on receipt and the controller flashed properly with very little adjustment. Two original lenses had been replaced and I will try to get originals.

Reassembled with all but one side closed up.
The beacon hanging in the collection.

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