Packing a 4-Way Traffic Signal - Part Two

By Willis Lamm

Example of good packing practices by Mark Thomas

Here are some additional packing ideas from Mark. He recently shipped a Darley 3 bulb fixed 4-way signal across the country. Since the old Darley lenses can get pretty brittle, it was decided that the signal should be broken down and shipped in multiple boxes.

The signal frame was packed inside one box that was packed inside another box. Plenty of side padding was provided using extra cardboard and foam. Rope handles were provided so that the box would be less cumbersome to handle and load.

The box inside another box.
The top plate was reversed for a better fit.
(Padding was provided between the top plate and the frame before it was bolted on.)
The inner box was nested inside the outer box.
(The two pieces of wood provided stability and an anchor for the rope handles.)
The outer box with rope handles.
The other components were wrapped in small bubble wrap bundles and placed in other cartons. The larger cartons were provided with packing tape "handles" for safer handling.
Porthole visors packed in pairs to protect the visors.
(The two visors were wrapped, then taped in pairs,separated by a piece of cardboard.)
One of the packing tape "handles."

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