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Using A Progress String (AKA Promise String)

A handy tool when working horses is a progress string (also sometimes called a "promise string.") This is a piece of kernmantle braid nylon rope, about 8mm in diameter, which is 6 feet long. It is backspliced to form an eye at one end and has a leather popper at the other.

I keep the progress string looped through my belt. I can use it in lieu of a rope to whirl at a horse that I am working. The popper "sings" much like a full size rope. I can use it in lieu of a bat, flipping the end to tap a horse on the rump when I need to. The string can also be used to "tap" a foreleg in order to direct a horse's attention. When catching loose horses, the string can form a "hasty halter" which is illustrated in the picture on the left.
When riding out, the progress string can be used to secure a riding halter or "ride and tie" headstall to a suitable tie post. We've even used one to temporarily replace a rein which broke.

When riding bridleless, a progress string around the neck gives the rider some control in the event the horse gets distracted or playful.

This is a most useful little tool for use when schooling horses or when out on trail.

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