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KBR Horse Training Information

Exercising Body AND Mind

Why We Post Our Training Info
on the Web

We're constantly asked by people who like our training ideas why we don't sell books and videos. Well, to a limited extent we do... on specific subjects, but generally we don't do so for a variety of what we think are really good reasons.

  1. Horse training is a constantly evolving art. Any person who claims that he or she knows everything about horses can be immediately dismissed as being a fool. We're constantly refining our approaches and ideas. We're also constantly finding ways to better communicate our ideas. These improvements not only come from our own experiences and that of the trainers with whom we associate, but oftentimes some real pearls come from very unexpected places.

    We were once discussing ways to describe how people and horses communicate when 6 year old Ellen Harrison summed it up in the uncanny wisdom of a child. "You know it's funny how when you listen to people you listen with your ears. When you listen to horses you have to listen with your whole body."

    As a result we often go back into our web features and improve our explanations, or in some instances, replace our earlier ideas with more evolved wisdom. You, the reader, are welcome to download and print out our ideas for your own personal use and hopefully what we have posted represents our latest and most complete understanding of horses, horse behavior and safe horse training.

  2. The sheer volume of the information presented would be difficult to compile in a book or video. At the time of this composition there are over 1,700 web documents on the KBR and LRTC web sites with many thousands more illustrations and photographs. In fact it is a major effort to keep all of these documents relatively current!

  3. We don't have all the answers. Every horse, handler and situation is different. While there are consistent general trends involving understanding, training, riding and driving horses, a particular situation may require a completely novel approach. Therefore we don't consider our information to be some kind of "Bible" but rather encourage our visitors to look at all kinds of ideas, and use the ones that make the most sense, are considerate of the horse, and are safe to apply.

  4. We're not here to make money off of horse enthusiasts. Although we still work with horses, we're retired and we're happy to share our knowledge and experience in hopes of making your experience, and the experience of your horse(s), safer, more satisfying and more enjoyable without attaching a price tag.

  5. If we mass produced books and videos we'd have to get involved in marketing to recoup our investment. Sometimes the business of marketing takes on a life of its own and the sales pitch becomes more important than the message we wish to convey. By limiting production of these kinds of items to specific areas of benefit, we can keep the message pure and simple. Furthermore, 100% of the proceeds from these "published" materials go to benefit the non-profit LRTC educational and horse rescue programs.

  6. We want to promote the exploration by horse enthusiasts as to what horses are really all about and we want to promote sharing of relevant, common sense information. Ergo we think we should "practice what we preach."

We hope you find the information in this site of interest an of value to you. Please feel free to download and print out this information for your own personal use. Feel free to share it, however we don't permit this material to be reproduced for anyone's personal financial gain (e.g., print it out to sell to others.)

Please always remember that when schooling, riding and driving horses you are dealing with animals that are many times your own weight and strength. No matter whose ideas you try, including ours, always use common sense, consider the safety of the horse, yourself and those around you, and don't waste time with approaches that aren't producing results.

Thanks for visiting our web site and happy trails!

Important Note:

If you take on the project of developing an untrained horse, everybody will want to give you advice. Don't act on any advice, including the ideas offered in this site, unless it makes sense to you and fits your individual situation. Your abilities and the sensitivities of your horse(s) may differ from the examples given. Be alert and rational with your actions so neither you nor your horse will get hurt. This information in this site is offered as illustrative of what we do and the reader must apply common sense since he or she is solely responsible for his or her actions.

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