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Powell Butte, Oregon

Kiger Mustangs!

While the bloodlines of most wild horse herds include a signficant amount of "domestic" infusion from loose saddle and work horses finding and joining the herds, there are a few American wild horse herds which remain very true to Spanish mustang origins. These herds include the Sulphur herd in Utah, the Pryor Mountain horses in Montana and the Kigers of Oregon.


The Kiger mustangs are thought to be one of the most pure herds of Spanish mustangs existing in the wild today. While the average viewer may not recognize the difference between Kigers and other wild horses, these horses are virtually purebred descendants of the Spanish Barb horses which appeared in the 1600s.

Kiger Mustangs exhibit "dun factor" coloring; some which include "zebra stripes" on the knees and hocks, chest, rib and arm bands and cob webbing or "face masks", as well as the build and physical characteristics of the tarpan and oriental hotblood horses.


Fortunately for wild horse enthusiasts, Kiger mustangs are being bred in "captivity". There are now several Kiger breeders who, using stock which traces back directly to the Kiger herd, are producing horses which are very similar in looks and genetics to the Spanish mustangs which explorers and conquistadores brought to our continent centuries ago.

Modern breeders strive to preserve the genetic authenticity, color, build, intelligence and temperament of the historic Spanish mustang. These hardy, durable horses held up well for the early explorers who faced a whole range of hardships; from blistering heat to extreme cold to scarcity of food and water. Thus they make a durable and versatile horse for the modern rider as well.


According to those who have handled them, both the adopted and "line bred" Kiger mustangs are bright, have gregarious "horsonalities", are relatively easy to train and get along well with people. There seems little doubt as to why people who have Kigers like them so much.

We thank Pam Fournier for sharing these wonderful images of her horses.

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