KBR Special Presentation

The Little Brown Horse

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One day a fellow came up to my side,
and asked me a question that hurt my pride.
He said, "Son, why on earth would you ride
that little brown horse with the scarred up hide."

Well I set my jaw and looked at the sky,
and I thought for a minute before I made my reply.
"I can understand your confusion, of course
as I, too, have owned some fine breeds of horse.

"Conquistador and Cavalry mount,
and some Morgan blood to round things out.
While his bloodline may not be so clear,
some mighty fine horses have brought him here.

"Brought over in ships, without hesitation
these critters helped us shape our nation.
Lands to explore, wars to be won,
they counted for something when the day was done.

"Now, out on the range life's awfully rough.
If you're going to survive you've got to be tough.
He and his kind had to live off the land.
They were molded and shaped by Nature's hand.

"Growing up he had to make his own way.
There was no one to feed him at the end of the day.
Battles to fight, lessons to learn.
those scars on his hide are really medals he's earned.

"From the hills to the desert where the coyotes shout
they live in places we only dream about.
And this fellow here is well above par.
Why he's walked more miles than I have on my car.

"But he never needs shoes and he never gets sick
when the trail gets rocky and the underbrush thick.
With strength and endurance he's great of heart.
This little brown horse and I will never part.

"So you see my reasoning is perfectly clear
why I have my four legged partner here."
Yes I answered that man and I did it with pride
about my little brown horse with the scarred up hide.

2002, Willis Lamm
All rights reserved

Dedicated to all the "Nevada browns" that free-roam the west.

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