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Need to write a letter or email and express an opinion? Below are some links you can use to find your representative's address.

The U.S. Senate Web site

A listing of Senators by state

Senate Committee Web pages

Contacting Senators (Office and E-mail Addresses)

The U.S. House of Representatives Website

The Office of the Clerk

House Member Web pages

House Committee listings

ZIP Code-based "Write Your Representative" search

The U.S. Department of Interior Website

Dept. of Interior EMAIL Lookup Directory


You need to remember that your representatives receive thousands of messages per day. Your message will be read by a staff representative and the point you are making will be tallied along with other opinions received. Only a handful of messages are actually read by your elected representative.

Only cover one subject per message. Opinions expressed on rambling, multi-subject messages are less likely to be recorded correctly.

Clearly state the subject of your message. It is helpful when whomever reads it understands right away which issue you are commenting on.

Keep your arguments brief and to the point. It's nice to show that your opinion isn't based on whimsy or pure speculation, but nobody will remember long winded and intricate reasonings.

Provide contact information which includes your full name, mailing address and telephone number. Validated messages (especially from the representative's home district) count the most. If your representative is intrigued by your comments, someone may want to contact you or send you a letter formally acknowledging receipt of your message.

Finally, avoid name calling and mud slinging. You want to present yourself as thoughtful, rational and considerate of the issues, not as an emotion blinded reactionary who doesn't know the score.

Most representatives do value thoughtful and honest constituent feedback regarding public and government issues and with a little preparation and forethought, you can make your position known and be a positive component of the citizen-representative communication process.

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