BLM Wild Horses; Levi, Bridgett, Nyla, Raven, Wind Dancer, Kid-Cat, Odessa & Sunny

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Leviticus (AKA "Levi")

Foaled: 1993 / Gelding
Herd: Black Rock Range East (Nevada)
Present Owner: Ann Spencer
Present Location: California
An outstanding dressage prospect,
the most willing horse his trainer
has ever worked with!

Anita's Western Bridgett (AKA "Bridgett")

Foaled: 1991 / Mare
Herd: Stone Cabin, Nevada
Owners: Anita and Gordy Clark
Present Location: New Mexico
Characteristics: Bridgett loves to nuzzle and is very talkative and loving.
She can be ridden both bare back and with a saddle or with just a halter or a bridle and bit.
She is a sweetheart and makes friends with everyone she can.

Nyla's Gold (AKA "Nyla")

Foaled: 1995 / Mare
Herd: Goldfield, Nevada
Owners: Elsa and Martin Wahl
Present Location: Georgia
Characteristics: A very bright and willing youngster, who went through an obstinant stage,
but who has become a "very responsive student."

Raven (A.K.A. Snortin' Locomotive)

Foaled: 1992 / Gelding
Herd: White Pine, Nevada
Owners: Elsa and Martin Wahl
Present Location: Georgia
Characteristics: Raven is very friendly and loves people.
He is a glossy black with just a touch of white.
(It's hard to post a good picture of a jet black horse!)

Wind Dancer

Foaled: 1989 / Mare
Herd: Herd: Nellis Wild Horse Range, NV
Owners: Katherine Wahl
Present Location: Georgia
Characteristics: Pretty cool "young girl;'s first horse."


Foaled: 1995 / Gelding
Herd: Santa Fe Natl. Forest, NM
Owners: John & Sophia Sarember
Present Location: New Mexico
Characteristics: A real looker described by his owners as
"Brilliant, arrogant and wonderful!"


Foaled: 1995 / Mare
Herd: Warm Springs, OR
Present Owner: Greg and Farris Schultz
Present Location: Oregon
Characteristics: A really nice horse with
above average attitude and conformation


Foaled: 1989 / Stallion
Herd: ??? (Nevada)
Present Owner: Charles Lehrke
Present Location: Minnesota
A mild mannered stallion used for
breeding, trail rides and lessons

Wild Horse Predators
Cougars, bears and wolves can take down wild horses, but as a practical matter only the cougar is present where wild horses range and only a few out of hundreds of herds are subject to predation by cougars.

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