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Youngster in the holding pen

Life can be rough for some horses in the wild.
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Foaled: 94 / Mare
Herd: NA / Silver Springs, Nevada
Owners: Kathy Hurley
Present Location: Nevada
Characteristics: This may be hard to believe, but Pepper
and 6 other young mares were "dropped off" by a stallion at a
neighbor's place during an unusually severe and "foodless" winter.!


Foaled: ?? / Mare
Herd: ??
Owners: Kathy Hurley
Present Location: Nevada
Characteristics: ??


Foaled: ?? / ??
Herd: ??
Owners: Kathy Hurley
Present Location: Nevada
Characteristics: ??

Native Son (AKA "Blue")

Foaled: 95 / Stallion
Herd: 261 / Buckhorn, CA
Owners: Deb ???
Present Location: California
Characteristics: A big, blue-eyed perlino; 16 HH. He has a trendy sporthorse build and action.
Deb showed him in the Lancaster AMA show and took first in Stallion Halter - Open.
Blue is gentle and good with kids.


Foaled: 78 / Gelding
Herd: Devil's Garden (Nevada)
Owner: Laurie Simpson
Present Location: California
A stout and very reliable older horse;
good on trail


Foaled: 1993 / Gelding
Herd: ?
Present Owner: Denise Rovetto
Present Location: California
A solid trail horse once owned by
Bryan Neubert


Foaled: 94 / Gelding
Herd: Warm Springs HMA, OR
Owner: Karen Goodroad
Present Location: Oregon
At 16 hands and 1300 Lbs, this guy;s a
show stopper!

Wild Horse Competetion
When held to appropriate numbers that the land can support, wild horses do not unreasonably compete with native species for food and water, and in some instances their presence is beneficial to the land, other animals and plant communities.

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