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Whodunit (AKA "Dini")

Foaled: 92 / Mare
Herd: Jackson Mts., Nevada
Owner: Laura Podboy
Present Location: Ohio(?)
She only stands 14.2 but is very athletic,
jumping at "A" rated shows

Arizona's Nevada Sage (AKA "Sage")

Foaled: 91 / Gelding
Herd: Callaghan HMA (near Austin), Nevada
Owner: Colleen Burns
Present Location: Arizona
Very impressive looking, good learner and "dog" gentle.
Developing into an outstanding trail horse.

Poquito Del Shawave (AKA "Poco")

Foaled: 94 / Gelding
Herd: Shawave Herd Management Area, Nevada
Owner: Christopher Vonasek
Present Location: Oregon
Poco is sensitive, loving and a quick learner,
has developed a deep attachment to his owner Christopher.

Ponokah Eemetah (AKA "Nokah")

Foaled: 97 / Filly
Herd: Sandwash Basin, Colorado
Owner: Peggy McLinn
Present Location: ??
Nokah was able to be caught and haltered within 4 days.
When turned out with a bunch of domestic babies,
she's one of the easiest to catch and work with.


Foaled: 97 / Colt
Herd: Warm Springs, Oregon
Owners: Don and Mary Christ
Present Location: Oregon
A youngster with a most wonderful disposition,
just like his recently adopted mother.

Ciye Tanka

Foaled: 1996 / Gelding
Herd: Sand Wash Basin, CO
Owner: Jayney Sharpe
Present Location: Colorado
An unplanned adoption.
You can see why.


Foaled: 1997 / Filly
Herd: Little Fish Lake (Nr. Tonopah, NV)
Present Owner: Liz Ketcham
Present Location: Virginia
We're still waiting for some details on Taz.

Wild Horse & Burro Protection
Horses and burros found on private, state and National Parks Service lands are not protected by the Act, however protected animals which stray onto these properties are the responsibility of BLM and the property owners may request that BLM come and remove them.

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