BLM Wild Horses: Sierra, Quincy, Ladybug, Junior, Cody & Babe

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Foaled: 93 / Mare
Herd: 53 / Goldfield, NV
Owner: Tom & Gwilda Byrd
Present Location: Florida
Sierra foaled Quincy (listed below) at the Adoption


Foaled: 96 / Colt
Herd: Born at Eastern States Adoption Center
out of a Goldfield, NV Mare
Owner: Tom & Gwilda Byrd
Present Location: Florida
A bright and playful colt


Foaled: 96 / Mare
Herd: Antelope HMA near White Pine, NV
Owner: Cliff & Janet Tipton
Present Location: Utah
A very friendly and self confident mare


Foaled: 99 / Colt
Herd: Born in captivity out of
Ladybug, an Antelope HMA, NV Mare
Owner: Cliff & Janet Tipton
Present Location: Utah
A bright and playful little pest

Buffalo Bill Cody (AKA "Cody")

Foaled: 99 / Colt
Herd: Fox Hog HMA; Cedarville, CA
Owner: Tracy Ross
Present Location: California
Looks like a real charmer


Foaled: 95 / Mare
Herd: (??) Nevada (Can't read freezemark)
Owner: Kitty Dahl
Present Location: Montana
She has boundless energy and
loves to be the center of attention.

Emergency Removals
Horses may have to be removed due to wide area wildfires or severe droughts. In 1999 about 1500 horses were removed because of wildfires. Older animals, unlikely to be adopted, were transported to the BLM's sanctuary in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. For those animals not adopted and deemed inappropriate for the Oklahoma sanctuary, the BLM in Nevada has sought out alternative pasturing sources, including contracting for private pasture lands.

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