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Foaled: 85 / Mare
Herd: 51 / Calico Mts., NV
Owner: John & Jill Ferguson
Present Location: Florida
Gypsy is one of the Ferguson's parade horses, a real steady goer.

"Mesteņo Malo" (Mes)

Foaled: 1984 / Gelding
Herd: (Looking it up)
Owner: John & Jill Ferguson
Present Location: Florida
A real trickster! Mes sits, bows, plays dead and wears a variety of costumes including a sheet on Halloween when he plays a "ghost horse."


Foaled: ?? / Gelding
Owner: Cher Eastep
Present Location: Colorado
Toby was originally abused by an incompetent trainer.
Cher adopted him in afterwards for rehabilitation.


Foaled: 1981 / Mare
Herd: (??) Nevada
Owner: Dawn & Jimmie Doane
Present Location: Oregon
A sweet, quiet older mare, good with kids.

Wildfire ("Cookie")

Foaled: 1985 / Mare
Herd: ???
Owner: Joyce Turner
Present Location: Oklahoma
A wise and gentle mare, good with kids.

Stardust (AKA "Dusty")

Foaled: 1987 / Mare
Herd: Silver Peak HMA, NV
Present Owner: Joyce Turner
Present Location: Oklahoma
A supposedly wild and untrainable mare.
The photos speak for themselves.


Foaled: 1997 / Gelding
Herd: Klamath NF (Near Laveen, CA)
Present Owner: Claire Comnick
Present Location: Arizona
A nice gelding who wants to get along with people


Foaled: 1997 / Gelding
Herd: ??
Present Owner: Cathy and Steve Pettey
Present Location: Mass.
A doll who will make a great kids' horse

Contraceptive Issues
The BLM is studying the use of contraceptives on some wild horse herds. While this approach will not completely resolve population growth rate issues, it may significantly reduce the numbers of horses which have to be removed from the range.

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