BLM Wild Horses: Maggie, Shadow Dancer, Shoshone, Desert Star, Mouse, Cisco & Boo

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Foaled: 1995 / Mare
Herd: Beaver Rim, Wyoming
Present Owner: Faye & Moe Eldredge
Present Location: South Carolina
A bright mare who was on trail shortly after being gentled.

Shadow Dancer

Foaled: 1996 / Gelding
Herd: Buck & Bald HM, near Ely, NV
Present Owner: Debi Hartman
Present Location: Arizona
He loves people...
especially if they have carrots!


Foaled: 1996 / Mare
Herd: Wyoming
Present Owner: Richard & Karen Manietta
Present Location: Arizona
(Better photos coming)

Desert Star

Foaled: 1997 / Mare
Herd: Captive born to Wyoming mare
Present Owner: Richard & Karen Manietta
Present Location: Arizona
(Better photos coming)


Foaled: 1999 / Colt
Herd: Augusta Mtn., near Lander Nevada
Present Owner: Mike and Janis Tremper
Present Location: California
A cute youngster!


Foaled: 1995 / Gelding
Herd: (Northern Nevada)
Present Owner: Dianne Coogias
Present Location: Minnesota
"Mild mannered and a good friend."


Foaled: 1992 / Gelding
Herd: Jackie's Butte (Oregon)
Present Owner: Keelyn Fawcett
Present Location: Oregon
"He is the most amazing animal I will ever own."

Wild Horse Social Behavior
In the wild, the leader of most herds is the "alpha mare." She keeps social order and maintains watch over the herd. Young "bachelor stallions" are often allowed to interact with the herd and look after the adolescents while the mares are nursing their newest offspring.

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