BLM Wild Horses: Rhapsody, Kamea, Cuervo, Jax, Timbers, Reno, Gus & Raven

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Rustler's Rhapsody

Foaled: 1989 / Stallion
Herd: ?? White Pines Co., NV
Present Owner: Ray DuBose
Present Location: Texas
1995 Reserve National Champion AA American Indian Horse


Foaled: 1997 / Filly
Herd: Kiger Mustang Ranch (Captive born)
Present Owner: Trish Stofiel
Present Location: Oregon
Very sweet and smart


Foaled: ?? (older) / Gelding
Herd: ??
Owner: Dennis & Kristin Bright
Present Location: Calif
Originally a rescue, since used as a lesson horse
now semi-retired


Foaled: 1997 / Gelding
Herd: ??
Owner: Metta Travis
Present Location: Mass.
A little skittish but coming along nicely


Foaled: 1998 / Gelding
Herd: Centennial HMA, CA
Owner: Stefanie Coeler
Present Location: Calif.
He is very curious and investigates everything new and unusual.


Foaled: 1997 / Gelding
Herd: Austin, NV
Present Owner: Heather Ingalls
Present Location: Maine
A nice trail horse that looks great too!


Foaled: 1996 / Gelding
Herd: Calico Mountains, NV
Present Owner: Owner: Sherry Timm
Present Location: Iowa
At 5 has become a great trail horse.


Foaled: 2001 / Filly
Herd: Foaled in Captivity
Present Owner: Owner: Sherry Timm
Present Location: Iowa
Quite the mischievious one

Wild Horse Numbers
Each herd area is studied by biologists and other specialists, a determination is made as to how many horses the land can support and an appropriate Animal Management Level (AML) is established. Generally the minimum number of horses which will be left after a gather will exceed the minimum number needed to maintain genetic viability in the herd.

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